A review of the generation of electrical energy with renewable energy sourced piezoelectric material



Piezoelectric energy harvesting, Renewable energy, Piezoelectric, Piezoelectric materials


Today, obtaining energy from renewable energy sources plays an important role in meeting the ever-increasing energy demand. Since renewable energy sources are a clean energy source, they include many research topics that are studied and open to development. Despite these ad-vantages, the high investment costs of renewable energy sources enable cheaper, simple and space-saving alternative energy sources such as piezoelectric materials to be included in the solution of energy needs. Piezoelectric crystals are materials that release electrical energy when they are deformed. The use of different piezoelectric materials that will maximize the amount of energy to be obtained is an area open to development. In this study, in order to emphasize the renewable application areas of piezoelectric materials, a literature review was made by examining many experimental studies. In the studies reviewed, the vibration, motion, and pressure phenomena required to generate electricity from piezoelectricity were derived from renewable energy sources such as wind, rain, waves, tides, light, and so on. The studies examined reveal that piezoelectric materials are an open field subject to develop in order to provide maximum energy production with various methodologies and mechanisms. It has been emphasized that piezoelectric materials can be redesigned with changes to be made in systems de-signed for renewable energy sources, and their dimensions and installation costs will reach significantly optimum results and can be used in an environmentally friendly manner.

Author Biographies

  • Yelda Karatepe Mumcu, Marmara University

    Marmara University, Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Department of Electricity and Energy, Istanbul-Turkey

  • Nazlı Duriye Dağlar, Marmara University

    Received her associate degree from Marmara University, Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Department of Electricity and Energy, Turkey in 2021.

  • Fatma F. Malkoç, Marmara University

    Marmara University, Vocational School of Technical Sciences, Department of Electricity and Energy, Istanbul-Turkey


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