Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles In Runway Control


  • Mehmet Masat Ataturk University


Foreign Object Detection, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,, Runway Control


In this study, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has been developed in order to ensure that the runway control routinely performed by an apron vehicle is performed in a shorter time, with less cost and more safely experimental studies have been carried out for runway control with this developed UAV. With the developed UAV, test flights were carried out at an airport determined by obtaining the necessary permits in the runway control study, and necessary data were obtained. In the region where the test flight was made, the necessary routine checks were made in the presence of experts who made observations with traditional methods, and the points that would pose problems were determined, and the applicability of the UAV in the runway control was concluded by comparing it with the test flight data.




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