Phase Change Materials and Selection Thereof for Heat Transfer Applications
Muhammet Kaan Yeşilyurt
Ataturk University
Hayrunnisa Nadaroğlu
Ataturk University
Ömer Çomaklı
Ataturk University


Phase Change Materials
Material Selection
Core Materials
Shell Materials
PCM Selection

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Yeşilyurt, M., Nadaroğlu, H., & Çomaklı, Ömer. (2019). Phase Change Materials and Selection Thereof for Heat Transfer Applications. International Journal of Innovative Research and Reviews, 3(2), 16-22. Retrieved from


The rapid expansion of Phase Change Materials in different application areas and the increase in the diversity of the commercially available Phase Change Materials have made selecting the most appropriate and efficient material in a given application a field of study. In recent years, new heat transfer fluids are prepared by using phase change materials to form solutions with various carrier fluids by encapsulating them in micro or nano dimensions. There are great research and career opportunities in the development of novel encapsulated PCM and PCM slurries with new, advanced PCM materials. As well as developing new advanced encapsulated PCM, the optimal selection thereof is crucial and is believed to be a separate field of specialization. This study is aimed to present a brief summary of phase change materials, and their advantages and drawbacks, as well as the principles and methods in the selection thereof.

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