An Investigation of the Effect of Vortex Generators on Heat Transfer in Channel Flow
Muammer Zırzakıran
Sinan Çalışkan


heat transfer
vortex generation

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Zırzakıran, M., & Çalışkan, S. (2018). An Investigation of the Effect of Vortex Generators on Heat Transfer in Channel Flow. International Journal of Innovative Research and Reviews, 2(2), 1-9. Retrieved from


In this experimental study, we investigated the influence of the winglet, heat transfer, and pressure drop on the vortex flow to create a vortex in a stream of air sent to a fixed channel through a fan. Three parameters were determined as the winglets parameters:  angle, height of the winglet, and arrangement in the channel of the winglet. The three winglet placed in the channel have the same angle and the same base height. Its experimental setup was applied for four different Reynolds numbers. The Nusselt number obtained from the smooth channel was compared with the correlations in the literature. Heat transfer results were obtained using thermal imaging technique. The heat transfer data obtained for all the specified test cases were compared with the smooth channel data. While comparing the Nusselt numbers and thermal camera images obtained from the experiments, the increases in heat transfer of the wing types have been examined and discussed.

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