Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Gold Mine Operation in Terms of Sustainable Environment


Gold mining operation
Waste storage facility
Sustainable Environment

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Kocadağıstan, B., & Demir, V. E. (2022). Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Gold Mine Operation in Terms of Sustainable Environment. International Journal of Innovative Research and Reviews, 6(2), 87–92. Retrieved from http://www.injirr.com/./index.php/injirr/article/view/103/index.php/injirr/article/view/103


In this study, the waste storage facility (ADT), where the process wastes generated during the mining activities of the gold mine operation, which is of great importance, are stored, is planned to be built in an environmentally viable way.  Within the scope of the ADT construction, experiments and tests were carried out to ensure impermeability by the environmental legislation, and after the completion of the works, it was aimed to reintroduce the waste storage areas to nature. The water and wastewater management, air pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, and chemicals management stages of the facility were carried out by regulations and standards, and the control and measurement results were evaluated from an environmental point of view.



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