Investigation of the Primary Reason Leading to Apparel Companies to Outsource
Mahmut Kayar
Marmara University
Öykü Ceren Bulur
Marmara University, Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences


Ready-wear clothing
Survey method

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Kayar, M., & Bulur, Öykü. (2020). Investigation of the Primary Reason Leading to Apparel Companies to Outsource. International Journal of Innovative Research and Reviews, 4(2), 1-4. Retrieved from


Companies have to develop new methods and techniques to increase their profitability and to be able to stand in a competitive environment. Outsourcing is one of those methods. Outsourcing is a method used by almost every business today. In the beginning, the main purpose of using outsourcing was to have other companies carry out the processes that are outside of the company's expertise. However, the latest global developments pushed companies to use outsourcing outside of this purpose. Thus, companies started to use outsourcing frequently for other reasons such as cost reduction, increasing flexibility, increasing productivity. In this study, firstly, the operations of apparel companies do through outsourcing and their purposes in doing this was investigated. The results show that the apparel companies started to use outsourcing for printing and embroidering process.


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