An Investigation of Utilization of Ferrochrome Slag in Brick Production
İsmail Yıldız
Rüstem Gül
Ataturk University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering


ferrochrome slag
brick production
building materials
industrial waste

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Yıldız, İsmail, & Gül, R. (2018). An Investigation of Utilization of Ferrochrome Slag in Brick Production. International Journal of Innovative Research and Reviews, 2(1), 11-15. Retrieved from


Unwanted solid substances released as a result of processes from industrial plants or various production mills are called solid waste, which is also known as ‘slag’. Today, the evaluation of these wastes has a great importance in terms of economic concerns and environmental pollution.

Ferrochrome slag, released during the production of Elazig Etikrom Facility over the last 40 years has exceeded 1 million tons and awaits to be evaluated. In this study, a series of tests about the availability of ferrochrome slag in brick production were conducted and the results are presented showing the availability of brick production using slag.

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